A new look for TarFarms.com

It finally happened - TarFarms.com (now also known as TarFarmsStables) as a new look!

Joyce asked her newsletter editor (me) if she "knew the Internet." Um, like buying stuff on Amazon and lurking way too much on Facebook? Um, well, I took a few web design classes at Saddleback which, I'm sorry to say, I quickly forgot, but I do have Amazon Prime - so of course I said "sure." Joyce asked if I could update the website, "I don't think the newsletter's been updated on there since 2013! It looks like we're out of business!" I said I'd try and here we are. (thank you Wix! I guess I really didn't need 2 semesters of HTML coding! ...the part I forgot.)

We'll be using these blog entries as a mini newsletter featuring events on the farm as well as in the community and fun stuff from the web and whatever might amuse or enrich us. Oh, yeah - and random photos from around the Farm! Amost as good as watching Uncle Bob's vacation slide show, but you're more likely to see yourself here than at Lake Runnamuck with Unce Bob.

I hope you'll check back occasionnally and don't hesistate to let us know what you think, what you'd like to see or let me know what's not working on the site (remember the part about forgetting much of what I learned? yeah - that.)

As with the newsletter I welcome your submissions; feel free to pass along anything you'd care to share with the Tar Farms Community.

2014-XXX-Double Rainbow- Katie_edited.jpeg

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